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2012-02-23 09:40 pm

2012 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf 

The books I've read and are reading are under the cut!
I'm currently reading.. A Discovery of Witches By.. Deborah Harkness
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2012-02-22 07:57 pm

A Bridge Like You've Never Seen

No, your eyes are not deceiving you - the waters have indeed parted! This incredible “sunken” bridge located in the Netherlands is giving visitors a unique way to access a beautiful 17th Century Dutch fort. Designed by RO & AD Architects, the Moses Bridge literally parts the waters that surround the fort, allowing pedestrians to pass through. The bridge is made from sustainable Accsys Technologies Accoya wood, which is both FSC and PEFC certified. 10 more images after the break...
 A series of moats and fortresses were built over the West Brabant Water Line region of the Netherlands during the 17th century in order to provide protection from invasion by France and Spain . Fort de Roovere was surrounded with a shallow moat that was too deep to march across, and too shallow for boats. In turn the earthen fort had remained protected –until now. 
From afar, the Moses Bridge is invisible to the eye. The flow of the moat appears continuous, as the water level remains at the same level, reflecting the surrounding foliage. As visitors approach the fort, the bridge appears as a break in the water with its sloping walls containing it.Read more... )
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2012-02-22 07:22 pm
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Real Vampires

by Inanna Arthen
"Real Vampires"-how can this be anything but a contradiction in terms? We all know about vampires. Stock characters of fiction, guaranteed box-office draws, the media vampire has been familiar to us since childhood. Generally speaking, our blood-suckers appear with a tongue planted firmly in one toothy cheek-from Bela Lugosi hamming it up in the 1950's, to last summer's teenage "vamp" movies, to Count Chocula breakfast cereal, the media seldom treat the vampire as truly fearsome. The stereotyped vampire traits are familiar to any child: vampires have big fangs, sleep in coffins, are instantly incinerated by sunlight, and are best dispatched by a stake through the heart. But the most important "fact" that we all know of course is that there are no such things.
Of course, in terms of the mythical, literary and cinematic conventions, we are correct: there are no "legions of the undead" stalking the unwary. We have explained the folklore with politics, misunderstood diseases, and hysteria, the literary and cinematic images with psychology, history, and sociology. We of the 20th century are confident that vampires could not really exist. But then, most of us are never forced to think otherwise. For a number of people, the concept of vampires becomes a critical and often lifelong concern. To live with, love, or befriend a real vampire is to encounter a set of problems which may demand expanding the boundaries of one's accepted reality. To come to terms with being a real vampire oneself is to face a lifetime's karmic challenge.
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2012-02-19 07:38 pm
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Writer's Block: Toy box travesties

What childhood toy did you desperately want that your parents refused to give you? Do you still think about getting one?
When I was younger I wanted a Ouija board. Never got one no matter how much I begged and pleaded. Once I began working at 13 years old, I was buying my own stuff. {I was a nanny for some kids across the street. I stayed at their house from 6am to 9pm, Monday thru Friday, when the kids went to sleep then their wako step father stayed with them..} Once we moved from Oklahoma to New York I went on a new age rampage and bought all my witchy stuff and 2 OUIJA BOARDS! MWAHAHAHA!! lol

Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?
I would rather be vampire.. think of it eternal life. I would love to see how things progress through the years and see what new and "exciting" things happen. I run with vampires.. sometime's werewolves..:P
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2012-02-17 08:54 pm
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2012-02-17 08:34 pm

Explore, Dream, Discover

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that
you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.

~Mark Twain~
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2012-02-17 07:25 pm
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Who are you?

You Scored as Mermaid

Mermaid: Mermaids are also known as Sirens. These creatures were beautiful women who tricked sailors into becoming completely entranced by their haunting voices and found death soon after. Not all stories of Mermaids are about gentle loving sea people. They are mystical, magical, and extremely dangerous. They have a way about them that brings anyone they are around to seem enchanted. They are very mysterious creatures and to meet one... Would mean certain Death. Let the song of the Sea fill your soul, for you are a Mermaid.


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2012-02-13 07:38 pm
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My Aura Colors

Crystal is a rare Life Color. Crystals have clear auras and are known as the "aura chameleons." Like chameleons, their auras will change colors to match those of the people they are connecting with at the time. They then take on the characteristics, behavior pattern, emotions and thoughts of that color. Consequently, in power Crystals can get along quite well with almost anyone. Yellows , for example, feels they can relate to Crystals who, when they are with them, act and think like Yellows . Later, when the same Crystals spend time with Sensitive Tans, the Tans can feel as if they have found kindred spirits. However, the Crystals' inconsistencies can also confuse people. One minute Crystals think and behave like Greens . A short while later, they can act like Blues . The more they connect and bond with others, the more their personalities change. Because Crystals tend to absorb the colors of other people's auras, people can, at times, feel an energy drain when they are in the presence of Crystals. In power, Crystals can be a clear conduit or channel for healing energy. Being natural healers, the Crystals' gift is to help their clients clear blockages, thereby enabling the clients' own natural healing processes to take place. While healing, balanced Crystals are able to keep their thoughts and emotions out of the way, making the healing more pure. Crystals do not always understand their healing abilities. It can often frighten and confuse them or cause them to feel overwhelmed. These rare souls are often physically fragile and delicate. Because of their unusual sensitivity, they can only heal one person at a time. They then need to go to a peaceful place to cleanse their aura. Working with too many people can short-circuit their system.
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2012-02-06 03:35 pm
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Wishing candles

Make a wish – for yourself or for someone who is close to your heart. Kindle a light.

Your candle will burn for 24 hours and then turn into an eternal light. Your wish will be forever accompanied by the possibility of being fulfilled. You may light as many candles as you wish and use the search function to keep looking at them.

4,589 candles have been lit to date.

Lighting a new candle
Changing order (random)

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2008-09-30 09:54 pm
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Take a picture...

Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture.

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2008-09-30 08:17 pm
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Book Meme

* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favourite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.


This was taken from My Occult Journal *This is actually from my automatic writing*
Loyalty is important and you need to be loyal to yourself and do what you know you need to do to raise yourself up to the level you need to be.
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2008-08-17 08:50 pm
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2008-08-14 01:37 pm
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2008-05-30 01:43 pm
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2008-05-27 01:34 pm

(no subject)

Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind. To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all.

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2008-05-11 09:12 pm
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2008-05-11 02:16 pm

The new M&M colors : Pink & White

Please share this with everyone you know!!
Hopefully we can help find a cure. :-)
Please keep this going!

We have all been touched by cancer, somewhere in our lives, please read below and keep it going.

I have been asked to keep this going and hope you will keep it moving too.
Pass this on to all of your friends.
There are many women out there who have breast cancer.
Let's do all we can to support this cause.

The maker of M&M candies has teamed up with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds through the sale of their new pink & white M&M candies.

For each 8-ounce bag of the special candies sold, the makers of M&M (Masterfoods) will donate 50 cents to the foundation.
The next time you want a treat, please pick up a bag (now sold in stores nationwide) - you will be donating to a great cause and satisfying your sweet tooth.
Just think...If each of us buys one bag or two.... how much will be donated. Buy a bag for a friend!

Please pass on to all your family and friends.
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2008-05-01 11:21 pm
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Beltane Winds

Have you ever stood in the April wood and called the new year in?
While the phantoms of three thousand years fly as the dead leaves spin?
There's a snap in the grass behind your feet and a tap upon your shoulder.
And the thin wind crawls along your neck it's just the old gods getting older.
And the kestral drops like a fall of shot and the red cloud hanging high
come a Beltane.

(Jethro Tull lyrics)
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2008-04-30 06:44 pm
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I beg to differ I would pass the Dark Arts easily! :evil grin:

Harry Potter Meme of All Memes by Osaku
WandBirch, 12", Veela Hair
Best CourseHistory of Magic
Worst CourseDefense Against the Dark Arts
PetSiamese cat
Quidditch JobKeeper
Wizard CandyFudge Flies
Profession After SchoolGringotts Banker
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2008-04-28 10:42 pm
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