May. 11th, 2008

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Please share this with everyone you know!!
Hopefully we can help find a cure. :-)
Please keep this going!

We have all been touched by cancer, somewhere in our lives, please read below and keep it going.

I have been asked to keep this going and hope you will keep it moving too.
Pass this on to all of your friends.
There are many women out there who have breast cancer.
Let's do all we can to support this cause.

The maker of M&M candies has teamed up with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds through the sale of their new pink & white M&M candies.

For each 8-ounce bag of the special candies sold, the makers of M&M (Masterfoods) will donate 50 cents to the foundation.
The next time you want a treat, please pick up a bag (now sold in stores nationwide) - you will be donating to a great cause and satisfying your sweet tooth.
Just think...If each of us buys one bag or two.... how much will be donated. Buy a bag for a friend!

Please pass on to all your family and friends.

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