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My grandmother's house had been empty for a year or two so I figured I'd go check it out. I used to go there and take the mail into the house at least once a week, and when I went inside I could feel something in there with me. so here's pics of the house, etc.. My grandfather died in the house, his ashes at the time were in a black box next to the furnace. When he was alive he hated being cold, so my aunt put his ashes there. My grandmother was living with my aunt at the time due to her alzheimers. Large images here so bewarned.

Look next to the light :) The lights can also be explained fas reflections from the flash on the lamp.

Left corner

Basement bound

Cases of wine

Grandpa's ashes in the lil black box

Grandma's piano, she used to love sitting down to play it

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